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  2. December 2, 2013 3:37 pm

A lot of UK businesses use 0870 telephone numbers for their customer service lines. This makes them an amazing amount of money and probably pays most of the wages for the customer service staff.

So what are the alternatives if you do not want to dial one of these telephone numbers?

Firstly let’s take a look at what these different numbers cost to dial

090 numbers these are the most expensive of them all and can cost up to £1.53 from a BT landline.

087 numbers these are a lot cheaper and normally only cost 10p per minute.

0844 numbers these are relatively cheap to dial at only 5 pence per minute and some people consider them the best alternative if a geographical telephone number is not available.

There are thousands of these numbers in operation in the UK and since last year when the government regulator made the 087 numbers the same as other premium rate numbers many businesses have adopted using these numbers. The good thing about using an 0844 number is that you can apply recorded messages to these type of numbers as well as using them to take voicemail’s should the call not be able to be taken.

You can also use these numbers to receive faxes. In recent years a fax to email service has been available on 0844 numbers which also helps small business tremendously.

All in all the benefits of using 0844 numbers far out way the negatives of the other more expensive number ranges and they do tend to add benefit to the businesses that use them.

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